Outdoors at Barrowford Nursery

At Barrowford Nursery we are very lucky to be situated in a beautiful natural environment. We make use of this rich learning environment with activities including den building, bug hunting and environmental listening activities.

The children enjoy playing in our outdoor natural area. They explore, climb, demonstrate curiosity and interact socially with their friends. Outdoors is one of our favourite places to learn.

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Ofsted judged our nursery as ‘Outstanding’

  • ‘Children have fantastic opportunities to develop to their full potential in a highly stimulating and exciting learning environment’
  • ‘Exceptionally robust systems for observation, planning and assessments are in place. Teaching highly motivates children and all practitioners work hard to provide a dynamic range of challenging age and stage appropriate activities that are expertly linked to children’s interests.’
  • ‘Children are exceptionally supported by warm and caring staff which fosters their wellbeing. This provides all children with a strong foundation to enable them to be highly motivated and consistently demonstrate the characteristics of effective learning.’
  • ‘All children benefit from the excellent partnerships between the nursery staff and their parents and or carers. This means children’s needs are exceptionally well met.’


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