Jelly Babies

Our nurturing baby unit offers a warm and welcoming environment where your precious bundle can begin to explore their new world in safety and comfort.

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Jelly Bears

Our Jelly Bear room is the perfect transition room from our Jelly Baby room to our Jelly Tot room, encouraging development and maintaining secure attachments with nursery keyworkers.

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Jelly Tots

The Jelly Tot room provides a fun environment where learning experiences are meaningful and enjoyable and children are stimulated and challenged with planned purposeful activities.

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Jelly Beans

Children join this group before their transition to school. The practitioners within this group are very knowledgeable and experienced in supporting the children to become ‘school ready’

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Our rooms

A child’s early experiences and the attachments that they form have a deep impact on their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. What happens during these early years is of crucial importance to every child’s development. At Barrowford Nursery we aim to encourage, motivate and optimise the early year’s experiences of the children in our care. This is the best investment we can make as part of our society in ensuring the future success of our children.

We recognise that every child is unique. Our practitioners are proficient in building secure attachments with the children in their care. They are sensitive and responsive to their needs and support them to foster a sense of belonging. The practitioners support the individual child to explore, identifying how they learn. They provide rich learning opportunities and challenges to the children whilst enabling and evolving the nursery environment to promote motivation and curiosity.

Every child matters in our nursery community. Our nursery team aims to provide high quality care and education for your child in their important early years, in a fun, secure, stimulating and caring environment.

Ofsted judged our nursery as ‘Outstanding’

  • ‘All children benefit from the excellent partnerships between the nursery staff and their parents and or carers. This means children’s needs are exceptionally well met.’
  • ‘Children have fantastic opportunities to develop to their full potential in a highly stimulating and exciting learning environment’


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